The Good News Emporium was borne out of one big dream and one simple concept. The editor and owner of the magazine, Natalie, is an avid follower of global scientific and political news, but was utterly fed up of the monotony of negative stories peddled by mainstream media outlets.

Natalie sought to create a space which not only dived head first into all the important topics, but also celebrated the natural beauty of our world, and the positive impact of individuals, small businesses, and organisations in their community.

What is included in each issue of the magazine?

Collating interesting, positive news from the furthest corners of the world is really important to us.
Every issue is split into five sections:

How frequently are issues published?

On the first day of every month.

How is the magazine funded?

The Good News Emporium and its magazine are entirely independent and currently rely on the fantastic efforts of volunteers to bring completely independent journalism to you, the reader. However, we are looking for reliable and sustainable funding streams in order to continue the magazine on a long-term basis.

How can I support The Good News Emporium?

We are looking for advertisers and other revenue streams, such as Patreon subscriptions.

Our main Patreon subscription provides a printed copy of the newspaper every month for £8 per month. If you simply wish to support our cause and receive a 'shout out' on our social media, we have another subscription for £5 per month.

Readers and potential advertisers might like to know that any paid advertisements featured in our newspaper must adhere to our strict values:

And as always, following us on social media, and liking, commenting on, and sharing our posts is a much appreciated way of helping us to build our community of good news readers.

How can I be featured in the next issue?

Collaborating with us is really simple:
If you own or are involved in a business, charity or other kind of organisation, you should email us about one of our advertising spaces or a feature article. If you simply have an event you wish to promote, please ask about advertising spaces.

If you are an artist, you should email us a portfolio and request to be our Featured Artist for our Art & Leisure section. This includes an article written about you and your work, accompanied by full-colour photographs and information about any upcoming events you may be involved in.

Our contact details can be found on our Contact page.

Does TGNE have any charitable goals?

Yes, we do! It is one of our most important goals to be in a position where we can not only promote, but also donate to, charitable causes across the world.

In line with one of our three primary values, 'supporting small', we aim to host two types of campaigns for the charities we want to support:

25% of every £8 monthly subscription bought through our Patreon will be set aside for charity, and the donations will be given to the charity at the end of the 1, 3, or 6-month campaign period. So the longer you subscribe, the more money is donated!
We hope to raise the amount we can donate over time.

How are charities selected?

This is where the TGNE community comes in!
Every 3 to 6 months, we will ask for your suggestions on charities across the world which you would like to support. Prioritising micro and small charities, the charities you suggest will be scrutinised against our three values, and a small number will be selected for shortlisting.
This shortlist will then be put to a community vote.
The charity with the most votes will be selected for a long-term campaign of 3 to 6 months.

If only medium and large charities are suggested, they will go through the same scrutiny and voting process, but will only be eligible for a month-long campaign.

I need large print media. How do I make the newspaper larger so I can read it?

To increase the size of the newspaper via the PDF reader embedded in the Monthly Issues page, all you need to do is click on the arrow in the top righthand corner of the PDF reader. This will open the newspaper in a new window, and you should be able to zoom in/out as needed.

If any technical issues occur, please contact us via email.